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Aug 23, 2013 9:00pm PDT
the technology and just such inspiring person to be around. >> tammy isn't the only quadriplegic explorer. >> last time i tried to go camping was the time i was in a car accident. >> used glass to make a video about return to life after paralysis. >> this trip is the first time i'm apart from care give for more than jaws few hours. >> for her too a device operate with her voice head movement is a game changer. >> being independent i can yet out and go fartsd because if i need something i can text. use a phone. >> now tammyok cruises around taking picture for her blog. >> you post add picture. >> i did. of me. >> of you taking my picture. >> when she travels with her family she's using glass to find restaurants and get direction. >> i'm helping everybody out instead of everybody helping me out now. now the amazing. >> fought on the side lines any more. >> no i'm in i'm in the game. >> in santa cruz abc 7 news. >> new development out of san diego where the mayor has just agreed to resign amid sexual harassment scandal. what bob filner says about it all tonight. >> plus decision tha
Aug 28, 2013 9:00pm PDT
the technology to bring that to you and obviously having issues with that. we know from caltrans that the closure went just fine with no problems to report. they are trying to get the work done as quickly as possible. >> in 1963, hundreds of thousands marched on washington for equality and freedom in the civil rights movement. here's a look at what it looks like then and today. the crowds gathered around the reflecting pool 50 years later. they celebrate remarkable progress. news reporter bradley was there. >> let freedom ring. >> half a century later on the same spot where dr. martin luther king delivered the speech, his daughter couldn't help but see who was there with him. >> today we have been honored to have three presidents of the united states. 50 years ago the president did not attend. >> now the president is an african-american. >> because of a march, america became more free and more fair. america changed for you and for me. >> moments before the president spoke, bells rang out across the u.s. to commemorate the moment in 1963 when dr. king uttered the famous phrase. >> as t
Aug 21, 2013 9:00pm PDT
and technology recorder david louis explains that's not going to be easy sglrk mark zuckerberg first person to want to help underdeveloped countries. nonprofit groups and social entrepreneurs have been on the ground in remote villages for years. they warn facebook has a steep learning curve ahead. >> we've seen time and again cases where the situation is much, much more complex than people anticipate. >> reporter: zuckerberg appears to recognize the challenge. >> we just believe that everyone deserves to be connected and on the internet. we're putting a lot of energy towards this. i think it's one of the biggest problems of my generation to get everyone in the world to have internet access. >> reporter: professor kreider corrected a program at santa clara's university center for science technology and society. over 11 years, the global social benefit institute has taught him a major hurdle is 1.5 billion out of the 4 billion people in underdeveloped countries don't have a place to charge a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. >> they need to be able to charge their mobile devices fo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3